Our stages of aluminum alloy for shows and events are made on demand.

The main features of these products are:

They observe the requirements of the relevant offices, both national and foreign.

Since they are built in light alloy, they allow to assembly, dismantling and transport in a simple and economical way, whereas the specific weight of aluminum used for this production and three times lower than iron.

Formed by modular elements, the stages can cope with any exigency of form and size, easily adapting to existing structures and dimensions.

Maintenance is rather absent. The stages can be used in any environment and exposed to any weather condition without changing over time their initial condition.

A well-finished design greatly enrich the aesthetic aspect.

Thanks to the modular manufacturing of the stage, the size of the structures may vary at any time, thus allowing the extension or enlargement with the addition of some elements. Moreover, the stages can be provided with frames for a possible coverage or placement of lights, speakers and other equipment.

We can also provide transport service and assembly on request.