Footbridges and stairs

ALUSYSTEMS offers an highly qualified product by manufacturing transit systems:
- in anodized aluminum alloy
- in galvanized and/or varnished carbon steel
- in stainless steel

We offer two different kinds of transit systems:
- footbridges, stairs handrails and support shelves made of extruded sections assembled by means of electrocution
- footbridges and stairs in extruded sections assembled by means of stainless steel bolts

They are mainly used for:
- Machines and plants for the production of paper
- Machines for printing and paper processing
- Plants for water purification
- Installation for the processing of plastics
- Food, diary and canning plants
- Chemical and petrochemical plants
- Other industrial machinery and plants

Our Company offers to its customers a high quality product, basing its commitment on the constant improvement of important factors:
- A careful planning by means of advanced technologies
- The use of high-quality materials and the observation of safety norms in the manufacturing process, even in difficult working conditions
- Extreme lightness, resulting from the use of super light and resistant special alloys of aluminum
- Modular manufacturing that makes it suitable to all employments and industrial plants
- No need of maintenance, thanks to the treatments for the protection of the surfaces, that allow installation in any working environment, both inside and outside
- Nice design that perfectly integrates with the aesthetic of the plant or structure to be set up

These transit systems are manufactured in compliance with the safety regulations in force in the country of final destination and/or on specific customer requirements.